Zodiac Sign · Mar 19, 2022

Here to talk to you today about love and money predictions for 2022 for rooster and let's get started. We're looking first at new love And the energy is quite good for you for 2022 for finding someone new.

Now there is a little caveat here and that is that you need to step outside your comfort zone. Just a smidge that might mean going to new places or trying online dating or going out with someone who may not exactly fit what you consider your type. So there is that little hurdle that you have to do and when you do, you have the opportunity to find someone who is quite interesting actually, someone who you'll be surprised is more like you than you know, now when it comes to existing relationships now we see a lot of harmony between the two of you, You're really coming together, especially on projects, financial matters and things that you value.

You might have felt like you were drifting apart over the last couple of years, but now you seem to be coming back together stronger than ever. And this is because you both are really valuing the relationship you're considering how important, you know, family is and you are to each other and now you're really aligning together, especially on financial goals and that could be that you're doing a business together or perhaps you are coming together on a budget now when it comes to friendships now it gets a little more challenging because you don't seem to be out and about meeting new people for friendships and that is maybe you're not going to groups or organizations, maybe you're sticking too close to home or perhaps you are just very, very focused on what's going on in your life.

And so if you want to find more friends, what you need to do is go do activities that you enjoy and be open to meeting new people. But right now you do seem to be focused on other aspects of your life. And so it is going to take work to expand your circle of friends. Now when it comes to money from a business, a family business, or from investments, energy is very focused and this means that you can make much more money in 2022 than you have in previous years. And this is because a lot of your attention is exactly on this, making more money, finding different sources of income, finding different ways to bring in money. And so that could be that you are setting up some passive income sources. Um, maybe some online sources as well as doing diversified investments.

And so the energy for you making more money in 2022 is quite good when it comes to money from a career and that would be from a paycheck. You do still look very, very focused. And now though it takes less work, it looks like someone could hand you an opportunity to make more money. This might mean that there are some changes going on in your company. Maybe you're getting a different position or that you are switching companies entirely, but through a change that actually happens quite easily, everything comes together and you can make more money so your money prospects overall are quite good. But if you work for an employer, I think that you will find that your salary just increases pretty much automatically and so you'll end up making more money whether you're working at it or not.

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