Zodiac Sign · Mar 20, 2022

Here to talk to you today about love and money predictions for 2022 for goat that also will include ram or sheep. And so let's start off with love and looking at new relationships. You have some very good romantic possibilities for 2022. There is an awful lot of energy around communicating with new people.

Maybe you're in new groups, but also it does seem like you are connecting with someone intuitively like you see each other from across the room and then some sort of magic is happening. So I like the energy here for being uh you know, connected to uh you know, like organizations or like going hiking or being a book club. Being in some sort of group. You can meet someone also check in with friends and family because they may have some tips for you on how you can bring love into your life now when it comes to existing love relationships. Uh the energy is also quite good, especially in that area where you seem to be now finishing each other's sentences.

Actually you're on the same page with a lot of ideas and plans that you have. It's that your goals are aligning and maybe this is the first time in a long time that you're coming together on some really important topics Now. It also says that you as a couple, maybe taking a different direction than other people think and so that could be you as a couple are going into business together or maybe you're moving or maybe you are just pursuing some new interests and so you might be surprising some of your friends and some of your family with the direction that you're going when it comes to friendships.

We have to go back to that idea of going into groups and organizations and making connections that way. And this is especially within your community. So look at things going on in your neighborhood. Where can you be more supportive of the community? Where can the community be supportive of you? And so that's like going to the neighborhood Y. M. C. A. Or you know doing things that help the environment or beautify your neighborhood. All of these types of things can help you meet new friends. Now you also do show that friendships could come from some educational environment. And so if you're taking some extra classes, you know like cooking classes or maybe taking some extended university classes uh you can meet some people and so this is all these different places where people would learn and that's where you could meet somebody.

Now when it comes to business income and investment income, what we see is that if you do the hard step, you know the thing where you have to work on it or learn from it or maybe fill in some paperwork, then benefits come to you. So everything is going to be first you do the hard part like you eat your vegetables, then you get dessert. So this is very much about what can you do to get the challenging part of the situation out of the way, Especially when it comes to business or uh you know, if you are thinking about doing the books or you know, putting up the website or you're doing that back office stuff, get that out of the way and then the benefits start rolling in. It's the same with your investments, make sure that you're doing all that up front research and that's really gonna help you rake in the profits. And that said there is some profits to be made.

And again, it's just if you do the hard stuff, then the profits come in. Now there's interestingly a similar energy when it comes to job income. And so when we look at money from your career, from a boss, um you have that, that like hurdle that you have to go over and then the riches are there and I know with a job maybe it's not riches because you know, it's just a raise. But it is where you do the hard part of saying to the boss and want to sit down and talk about my career trajectory or where you say to the boss, you know, let's let's look at a plan for me. So I can get more money or more hours or better commission. So it is about Giving a focused effort to make something happen and then it really does happen for you in 2022.

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