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Hello, I want to give you kind of an overview on how to do a three-card reading and how to interpret the cards in the positions of past, present, and future.

The central card represents the present moment. So what is going on for me right now in my life? And it represents basically the energy of the present moment. So what's going on right now? So I always think that the figure in the card is searching for something that's going to be more, more fulfilling and he's leaving behind some things in his life, and sometimes you might feel that this card doesn't represent what's going on for you right now.

If that's the case, there are other ways to look at this. So another way to interpret this card is seeing it as representing the challenges that you're facing right now and if I were to interpret this card through that lens, um one challenge that this card represents is being able to let go and leave something behind um knowing when to quit and knowing when to move on and another challenge is, is trying something new and moving forward in life.

And another way to interpret the card is by seeing it as representing opportunities. So what opportunities are being presented to you right now and this card, I see this as representing the opportunity to move forward with my life and to keep moving, so not to remain stuck and stagnant and to um freely kind of enter into new challenges and new landscapes that might not be familiar to me. And also the opportunity to kind of branch out and try something that is different from the kind of tried and true stuff that I've been doing up until this point. And basically, this center card is your point of power.

So all your power is really in the present moment, it's in the now. So this card is often one of the most powerful cards in the reading and you'll want to relate the other two cards to this center card. So you can see this card as representing an outcome. So you can literally see this card as the future and what's going to happen, and basically, it represents the direction that things are going. So if you change your behavior now in the present, it's going to change the outcome in the future. So the future card isn't exactly set in stone, it's definitely very changeable. So it's basically representing the energy um or the way things are going based on the energies of the present moment, and you can also see this card as representing what you are wanting in your life. So it can represent a goal that you might have for yourself.

So, when I look at the Queen of cubs, I immediately think um of confidence and feeling powerful in one's own life and being sort of the queen of your life. Um and so this is definitely a goal of mine to be very independent and self-assured and also being in touch with my emotions and my intuitive abilities and also really being able to be creative and be able to manifest things, which is what I see this card is representing, is that ability to, to focus and to manifest and to really make things happen in one's life in a very creative kind of feeling kind of way.

Okay, so I'm gonna do the last card and this is the card of the past and the card of the past is great, because it gives us some insight into what could be holding us back from attaining our goal, and it can also let us know what can help us. So the lessons that we may have learned in the past that we can make the most of, so we can move more quickly towards our goals and our dreams.

If it had been a more negative card, then it would have represented um something that happened in the past that is now blocking me or holding me back from moving forward. Okay, so represent or so interpreting this as something that happened in the past, um I could say that I really kind of got in touch with my ability to create and my ability to really um make things happen and to focus on my goals and create my life the way that I wanted to, and if I'm wanting to get to this place, so if I'm wanting to kind of leave something behind, move forward and get to this place of being confident and self-assured, then I need to draw on my past experiences of being a deliberate, conscious creator of my life, so I might want to look back to things that I did in the past that that um we're very successful or examples of times when I really focused and um focus my energies on something and really made that happen and made that manifest. So basically focusing on the successes and things in my life that I did really well.

Okay, so I think that's about it. Um but basically what I want to add is that um this kind of tells a little bit of a story. So you can also read the cards from left to right, um in kind of chronological order as well. So this card is being kind of where you're coming from, where it's brought you, and then where you're wanting to go. So I hope you found this helpful. Thank you so much for reading.